It is time for meditation

This is a note to me but also for people looking for motivation in calmness.

I have read a lot about meditation but had never started to do so until a month ago. Since that every morning this is my personal time to focus. Honestly focusing is hard because my mind keeps unfocusing from my breath. However that does not really interrupt the process of getting relaxed and somehow recovered.

Plus it gets better each time I do.

The plan is to bring this to my children as well. I got no clue how to do so but I believe it is a master piece of how to get in a good condition for the future.

We are faced with so many information every day. We have no control on what is coming next so we need to set our mind.

So give it a try.

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Uns motiviert, wie man mit seinen Kindern und in der Jugendförderung grundsätzlich arbeiten kann. Wir genießen die gemeinsame Zeit und tüfteln an gemeinsamen Ideen.